Next Level Lasik

Eye Surgery used to be OMG!
Now, you can get Lasik at the mall.
What is the next biohacking, grinders, body modification / augmentation, transhumanist, subdermal implants,
biohack, Humanity+, CyberPunk thing?

Cyborg Street


Be one of the first humans to volunteer for brain surgey and be a true cyborg, a human and machine merged.
This isn’t a regular mission.


Some people might think you are crazy to sign up for this. But over time, it does seems like more and more humans will do this. Google from your mind? That would help you in school. So if one student does it, then another, soon just to compete you have to be a cyborg.

Phone Stays (in your pocket)

The phone in your pocket can send and receive data over bluetooth. If you have something in your brain that can also send and receive data over bluetooth your phone can remain in your pocket. Same phone, same google, same data plan and SIM, just no need to pull the phone out and use your eyes or fingers to transfer data.

Sign Up




Sanity Check

Not even close. This does not pass any sort of sanity check. But lots of people want to do it anyways. This site will help link humans with doctors.

I Want In