Q. What exactly is the surgery?

A. You can think ‘type these letters’ and make your fingers type them, or you can route that same electronic message via bluetooth to the phone near you. This surgery is like going from dial-up internet speed to broadband. You can type much faster without fingers!

Q. What is the current 2019 state of this?

Read this new york times article (long) and/or this and/or this theverge article. It seems inevitable that human and their phone will merge. This video also reveals a lot. Right now we have lasik eye surgery centers offering the-lasik-challenge but in a few years… transhumanist and biohacking proponent Rich Lee Gasson johnny prototype implanted biohackers earthquake

Q. Has anyone done this yet?

A. Look around you. Have you met anyone that’s always on their phone? Cyborgs live among us today. How often do you, just for fun, place a blind fold on all day and experience life as a blind person? How often do you, just for fun, leave your phone at home and experience life as a person without phone sense?

Q. Does the surgery have to be FDA approved?

A. I’m sure it does. But I’m not so sure everyone will be playing by that same rule world-wide.

Q. Ok so what does this site do then?

A. We publish first hand accounts from humans that have had work done. And in doing so maintain a list of doctors that are looking for patients.

Q. Is that legal?

A. US Citizens are free to travel to other countries and get plastic surgey that might not be FDA approved and then return to the USA. They are also free to publish their story of what life is like post op.

Q. So you will literally give me contact information for these doctors?

A. No but we will accept your application as a cadet to cyborg street! Write to us and explain why we should pass your name on to doctors.

Q. What about viewing photos and reading emails?

A. Let me guess, you’ve been using your eyes for that. Just like you can type faster without fingers, you can view photos, read emails or websites faster without eyes. The same bluetooth connection in your phone can send electronic signals to your brain device in addition to reading data from it.

Q. But if I stick wires into my brain can't that mess me up?

A. Yes! I wouldn’t want to be the first! (And yet inevitable means inevitable, so I guess someone will be first right?)